Home Cleaning Tips for Busy Home Owners

House Cleaning PhoenixThese days, more and more people are finding it difficult to keep up with the regular routines needed to maintain a neat and clean household. As more women join the workforce and overtime hours are extended, most end up arriving home too tired to do anything but eat and fall into bed. Those that have children to cater to have even more chaos to deal with. Here are some simple strategies that can be used to help save on time and effort needed to get the home back in shape.

  1. Divvy up cleaning tasks

It is exhausting to try to cram in all cleaning tasks over a single weekend. You end up not enjoying your only free time. Arranging a schedule whereby you get to do a little each day will prove much more relaxing and faster. You can choose to clean a single room each day and spread out tasks like laundry and washing the car over the week. You can save the messiest areas for the weekend, or carry out a little spot leaning so the situation does not get out of hand.

  1. Clean when needed

Contrary to popular belief, there is no real benefit associated with living in a sterile home. You should instead seek to clean up areas that look dirty or untidy and leave the rest until you have time to go over them. A little dirt does not hurt, and in fact, can help build up your immunity to allergies and other illnesses. Spot cleaning of such areas will help save on time while leaving your home tidy enough.

  1. Wash up dishes as you use them

Piling up dishes in the sink, and on counters, is a good way to exhaust yourself cleaning up down the line. It takes just a few minutes each day to wash dishes in the sink, and even less to put them in the dishwasher. Get in the habit of washing up as you cook to cut down your cleaning time faster.

  1. Shop for the right and enough cleaning products

Stocking up on adequate house cleaning supplies will allow you to stash them in the rooms or near where they are needed most. Avoid keeping all your cleaning supplies in just one location, especially if you have a large home. Many are discouraged to carry out spot cleaning as it may mean having to walk across the house to get what they need to perform the task. Keep bathroom and bedroom cleaning supplies in the bathroom, and living room, dining and kitchen cleaning supplies in the kitchen. Also, invest in microfiber cloths rather than dusters, as they collect dust rather than push the particles to other areas of the room.

  1. Put in storage

One of the reasons cleaning a home can be time consuming is that there is so much to clean up. Take time to take a critical look around the home, and get rid of items that you do not really have use for. Put them in storage or sell them off. A room that is free of clutter is much easier to move around in and is faster to clean. There are less surfaces to clean and areas for dirt and dust to hide.

  1. Choose darker colors

Light colors like white and cream can be attractive, but tend to show smudges easily, even if you have just spring-cleaned. Warmer and deeper colors do not however cause this problem. They allow rooms to look nice and tidy without you tiring yourself out with effort. Choose darker shades for both the walls and large pieces of furniture for the best presentation.

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Clean Your Bathroom for Fresh Mornings

There is definitely one thing that most of the people have in common – in the morning they spend a considerable amount of time in the bathroom. Yes, that is the room that helps women become so sparkling and the men to be fresh.

twocleanersHowever, to have a fresh morning every morning, not only the aspect of the bathroom is important, but also how clean that room is. Because you use that room for taking showers and applying make-up or shaving, depending on who is using it and for what reason, the bathroom has to be clean and good looking.

We’re not talking here about redecorating the bathroom, but we are talking here about how to keep your bathroom clean and sparkling for a longer time.
Here is what you can do to achieve this.

Take Everything Out

Yes, this is the first thing to start cleaning your bathroom, and this is also the first thing that a professional cleaner would do. Use a box to deposit everything that you have in the bathroom – shampoo, shower gel, sponge, towels, toothbrush, hair brush, hair dryer – in other words, everything that you have there.
This is essential because this will allow you easy access to everything that you have in the bathroom.

The Cabinets

Everyone has at least one cabinet in the bathroom, and it’s good to start with those, as those are a little more demanding. Once you have taken everything out from the bathroom, the cabinets should also be empty. Use a special soap for furniture with a little water and a clean cloth. Clean the cabinets with that soap and dry it with another clean soap.

susyQCleaningServicesIf the cabinet has stains or other marks that won’t come out, look for special substances that you can use for removing the stains from the furniture. However, what it’s important is that there should be no dust on it and no dark stain. Be extra careful if your cabinet is white – that is a pretentious color and you need to clean it thoroughly to bring it to its original color, especially if it’s old.

The Sink

The water can leave stains on the sink, and it’s important to remove them. This is because the water is “hard” or, better said, it will leave a mark on any surface that it touches for a longer period of time.

To clean this, you can use special substances that you find in any home improvement store, or you can do your own solution, from vinegar and water. Use a spraying bottle, mix half a part of water and half a part of vinegar, and apply it in the sink. Be careful not to touch the appliances – the faucet or anything made of metal, because the vinegar is corrosive.

The Shower

The shower is also important, and if it has walls made of glass, it is even more a necessity to keep it clean. The water will leave drops on the glass every time you take a shower, and it’s not like you have the time to clean the water from there every day.

cleaning-services-logo-1008995You need to have at least a day to clean it, and it’s good to use a special solution for glass that cleans water stains and other kinds of stains. You can find this solution too at the home improvement stores, but make sure that some of them can affect the faucet or the shower heads.

The shower head is an entirely different thing. If you have one that is made of non-corrosive substances, you can take it out and submerge it in a solution made of vinegar and water. This will clean any stains that are there, allowing the water to fall freely and naturally.

Every time you start cleaning your house, you need to remember that you do this for your own comfort. Having a clean house will allow you to live in a pleasant environment, one that is warm and welcoming.