Kitchen cleaning tips for the holidays

The kitchen is one of the most popular places in the home during the holidays. It is not just a place for cooking but also eating, chatting and entertaining guests etc. it is the focal point for family gatherings during the festive holidays.

The best way to keep your kitchen clean as you prepare your special holiday recipes is to wear kitchen-cleaning holiday tipsyour best apron and clean up while you cook. It is the most effective way to prevent tough stains, bad odors and accumulating piles of dishes that everybody dreads doing. The following are some kitchen cleaning tips according to this Charlotte maid service that will help you maintain the cleanliness of your kitchen this holiday.
• Clean Stains Immediately
It is the holiday season again you probably have your family and a few guest around. What you don’t need particular at this time is dealing with tough stains and bad odor. Always have a spray bottle with a solution of soap within reach to wipe up any spillage or mess. In case, you come across some tough stains that will not go away without some good scrubbing, use some baking soda as a natural abrasive cleaner. Clean any food spills immediately from the floor. Instead allowing dishes to pile up do the washing on the go. The amount of cooking during the holiday season will increase therefore clean and sanitize sponges every day by dipping them in the dishwasher or shortly heating them in the microwave.
• Take out the trash frequently
There is going to be a lot of trash from the kitchen because of increased cooking during the holiday season. Keeping bags of trash around the kitchen will just cause bad odors that will dampen the holiday spirit in the kitchen. The solution is to take out the trash every day. Empty the trash more often to get rid of smelly foods. Try to contain bad odors with a rugged trash can that has a lid and looks great.
• Clean the Dishwasher
A proper cleaning is the best holiday gift you can offer your kitchen appliances. Get rid of deposits in your dishwasher naturally using some white vinegar. Pour at least a cup of the whcleaning kitchenite vinegar into the dishwasher and allow the machine to run an empty cycle.
• Clean the Microwave
The microwave will be used quite often during the holiday season it is important to keep it clean and hygienic. Apart from the usual cleaning try slicing some lemons into a cup of water, place it into the center of the microwave and run it close to three minutes. Leave it for a while for the steam to eat away the food spills and the citrus smell to get rid of the bad odor.
• Flush the Drains
Unclog the drains at least once a week by pouring hot boiling water to flush the drains. Pour at least a gallon the first half followed by the remaining half after some minutes. To kill the bad odor in your garbage disposal and introduce some fresh aroma add some citrus peels to the garbage.
If you try the amazing tips above your holiday season is going to be fantastic and you will spend less time cleaning.